Jason Godfrey, N0RPM

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I first learned about ham radio as a young Boy Scout, reading about it in Boys’ Life magazine. I immediately knew this was something I wanted to do and started studying. Unfortunately, the ARRL code CDs never worked for me, and it wasn’t until the no-code Technician first became available a few years later that I finally got my license.

I later (barely) passed my 5 wpm code exam, and would even go on to make a handful of CW contacts during VHF contests, but CW was always the elusive skill that I couldn’t manage. CW Academy finally broke my streak of failure. The curriculum, advice, accountability, and camaraderie finally helped me make progress that I never thought was possible.

My work validating the design of high performance computer network chips and other activities (such as role playing and board games) put a limit on my on-air time. I volunteer as the organizer for net control for the Minnesota MS 150 and the Twin Cities Ride for the MS Society. On HF I am pursuing the Worked All States Triple Play (38 confirmed so far in CW) and have been enjoying the CWTs and SSTs when I can operate them. I am hoping to focus more on rag chews, so maybe I’ll have some QTXs to report in the future.

Attaining CWops membership looked to be an unattainable goal for me when I started CW Academy. I’d like to thank all my advisors and classmates for helping me along the way. I’d also like to thank my wife, Jenn, who was very supportive of me taking the time for practice and class. And finally thank you to those who sponsored my membership. I look forward to being part of this great community and improving my CW skills.

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