Dick Boswell, K4CUE

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First licensed as KN8NXZ, later K8NXZ (terrible CW call), in 1958, at age 15 in Ohio. Obtained a much better call, K4CUE, upon moving to Lynchburg, VA, to join General Electric Mobile Radio Department as a design engineer in 1968.

First station consisted of a Heathkit DX-40 and a National NC-100XA Receiver. First key was a Speed-X straight key, followed by a built-from-scratch tube-type keyer; as a high school student, I could not afford the Hallicrafters TO Keyer, so I purchased the manual (for 25 cents by mail) and built one. It still works! A “paddle” was a new item in the ham radio arsenal; Vibroplex had just announced one made from the front half of their “bug.” With a dipole on my father’s TV tower, I obtained WAS, DXCC, collected many paper QSL Cards, etc.

After GE Mobile Radio, I worked as a technical sales manager, selling quartz crystals, oscillators and filters throughout the US and North America. Met a lot of hams in this endeavor and have stayed in touch with several.

After more than fifty years as a Commissioned Lay Presbyterian Pastor, I recently completed an on-line Master of Divinity Curriculum and am now an ordained minister, which led to a mission trip to Malawi (Africa), serving as the chaplain in a group installing water wells in Malawi. Note the photograph of a young student proudly displaying his school workbook. Much of my service in Malawi consisted of ministering at the Embangwini Medical Hospital there. I also operated 7Q7WW, CW and FT8, at the hospital. A prominent member of the well work team who coordinated much of the trip activities is Bill, KC4D, CWops #419.

I have been pounding brass for more than 66 years and am now proud to have been accepted into CWops.

73 and God’s Blessings to all.

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