David Barlow, G3PLE

CWops# 3365, from Helston , Cornwall , UK.---->View on Google maps

CW only, known as “Duke.”

Former Merchant Navy Radio Officer who, since 1969, has been director of several companies and involved in Human Recourses, especially on the legal side with leading employers organisations.

First licenced in 1959, holds 1st Class Certificate in Radiotelegraphy (CW 25wpm).

Founder member Radio Officers Association (ROA) and founder of ROARS (the ROA Radio Society). Member RSGB former, Morse Examiner and current volunteer Morse Assessor. Member Poldhu Amateur Radio Club (PARC); Club Contest Manager and Morse trainer. Helps at the Marconi Centre run by PARC.

For 14 years he was the National Trust volunteer manager of the Liard Wireless station located in a wooden hut put in place by Marconi and which was the site of the first recorded and provable SOS ever sent. Author and lecturer writing and talking about early CQD and SOS messages and events.

Looking from his home QTH he can see the famour Marconi site of the first transatlantic signal on 12th December 1901. His amateur radio equipment is housed in a former Portishead Radio console and comprises an Icom 7610 and Acom 1010 linear amplifier with a G5RV aerial or an 80m sloper or a 15m Delta loop.

A keen contester has ARRL and CQWW certificates for 1st in G in particular categories.

While he does use a microphone occasionally his preferred method of communication is, of course, CW.

He served for 14 years as chairman of a leading hospital radio service with a regular programme featuring his love of Big Band music.

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