Chris Vigli, F8DGY

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I’m born in 1972 in Paris. I discover the radio in the 80s when I was going on holidays with grand-oncle that was F6TOM. And when I see his shack with a beautiful ft7b Somerkamp and hé switch on it and talk with other people in the world, I was really happy and sure very interesting in doing that.

When I go back home he give me à little 8 channel AM with changing quartz and à mobile antenna.

I heard some Morse code in end of CB band (start Ham band, 28 MHz) and sûre wanted to know this music … And many years later I décidé to become à ham radio operator and for HF band access needed to learn CW. I found à few stations that give a course on VHF FM .. They send CW and make correction after. I take 8 months before ready for exam.

So now it’s my favourite pastime and do 99.9 ℅ in CW.

I have other hobby, I love rugby and practice it again today!

I live in à house near Paris and with my wife and have two daughters, 18 and 20 years old.

So in the past years a few have asked me to become à CWops member but was not at first interested, but finally after à good rag chew QSO with Martin OK1RR, when he ask me if I was interested in CWops I finally accept it, because it’s very good to continue to keep CW activities. And continue to try to give interest in this art that need only ears, à brain and à pen for logging.

Hope to heard you soon on air with bug or other paddles.

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