Carl Sibilski , KB9DKR

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Thank you to my sponsors and especially Hunter Mills, K3IE, for supporting my nomination to CWOps.

I grew up in Milwaukee, WI where I was first licensed in 1989. My dad, KA9TWW, was very supportive and we took an interest in amateur radio together. I started out on 2M repeaters and then began to dabble in HF. At the time, 10M SSB propagation was very cooperative, I enjoyed making domestic as well as foreign contacts and it wasn’t long before I logged my first CW QSO on 15M.

One reason that I favor the CW mode is that it is particularly effective for antenna restricted properties, like my later apartment in Chicago, IL and current home near Nashville, TN. The quiet operating of CW is also compatible with my wife and small children, who are drawn to the knobs and dials on my favorite little radio, the MFJ-9040. It’s hard to believe there was actually a time when I hesitated to buy that radio because it was . . . CW-only.

I like to operate CW from anywhere that I can with stations in my home, mobile and portable used for parks, hiking, vacations, kids fairs and backyard ops. Due to increasing time constraints, my operating preference has shifted toward organized events that are more suitable for scheduling. I enjoy a few casual rag chews as well.

I am also a member of the ARRL, the Tennessee Contest Group and the Williamson County ARES.

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