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I have been a licensed Wireless Operator for 42 years all, in Western Washington: Extra Class 9/20/2010, General 1/14/1982, and Novice in October 1975 (WB7PQB). I graduated from Georgia

Tech as a Chemical Engineer in 1965. My interest in wireless began when a friend became a ham when we were eleven and we were Scouts in Athens, Tennessee. It was the warm red glow, knobs and dials and CW. All of the laboratory sciences were the interest in High school; I still enjoy watching my high school science projects being developed and displayed at local companies today. After college I worked at the Technical Departments in apprentice positions of paper companies in Tennessee, Washington and New Zealand. Shortwave listening was particular a passion for me as it was the main way to receive world news from my home in New Zealand. Enjoy working with Youth and worked as a Scoutmaster and Church youth leader with my wife. Teach Radio classes and work as a VE. Also Enjoy SKCC club and now can do contests with faster CW.

My Elmer was Eddie F. Ogilvie W4PV, startup Engineer of Station WCSC, Charleston SC. He is a licensed government operator and resigned his position as a “sparks” aboard a steamer in order to accept the local position. He had gone to sea at 15, a scoutmaster and ended his career retiring from the FAA in charge of airplane electronics for the South East. Like many hams he did something for the Government during WWII; I forgot to ask what. It was an art form watching him work a CW station.

My job meant extensive constant traveling: Finland, Sweden, Canada, Germany, England, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Japan and most of the states in America. Some form of the radio hobby went with me. Thanks to CWops for getting my CW speed up where I can continue to grow with the parts of the hobby I enjoy most. I learned the most in our classes. Please note it took me 20 plus years to become a ham. Let’s work with youth and help them become hams sooner and the magic of learning how to learn something like CW.

My amateur hobby includes CW, HF, remote operations, contests, digital experimenting, satellite contacts. Check out my QRZ page. There is still much to learn and CW to improve. Thank You!

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