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Becoming a CWops member is an honor for me. My thanks to N7JI for the nomination, and the wonderful sponsors, WU7X, K6NF, and WJ7S, who believe in me. Morse code is my mode of operation. Sending good CW is important to me – I’ve had excellent advisors in CW Academy helping me along the way. I’m a member of an amazing LICW group, who constantly challenge each other to become better CW ops.

I’m retired from the accounting field, and I do miss working. Mostly it’s my co-workers who became my extended family I left behind. But then I found something to replace work: ham radio.

I am not new to ham radio – I got my general license at the NY FCC Office in 1960. Life got in the way, and I had a 30 year break from the hobby. Moving to Oregon 5 years ago, from New Jersey, I was re-tested and got my General license back in 2020, then upgraded to Extra in 2022. My modest station is an ICOM 7300 for the high bands and an ICOM 2800H for 2 meters.

My QTH does not allow antennas, so inside my apartment I have a magnetic loop tuned from 10-40 meters. Still I’m limited when it comes to operating. That doesn’t stop me, as I’m portable and work POTA , or search for a good QSO, as often as the weather allows. Weekly I join a group of CW operators on 10 meters for an hour of fun. In the ham community, I am active on several nets, jump into local simplex contests, and take advantage of W7QF’s (daughter) station when I can. That 90 foot tower is a BIG advantage.

On a regular basis I volunteer at the Eugene Science Center radio station, W7PXL. We introduce the community to ham radio. Adults and children have an opportunity to talk on the hand held microphone, on 2 meters through the club repeater. At times we have over 60 children from local schools waiting to take turns.

As much as I love the hobby of CW and ham radio, there’s another life I live. In nice weather gardens become my first love – I fill the terrace where I live with flowers of all colors. After a day in the garden, I go inside and prepare delicious meals. In-between time, I sit at my computer and click out stories. Another love of mine is writing. During the season, I skip out to the local theatre for opera – streaming from New York. La Traviata is one of my favorite.

There’s nothing to compare with a walk in the park, check out the birds, hold a grass hopper in my hand, or put my feet in the cool creek. Life is good, learning is fun, and everywhere I go, Morse code keeps me company in my head. Hope to meet you on one of the bands.

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