Intermediate Practice Files

Intermediate New Short Story Practice Files 100 Series

Example: SS 101 (10) = 10wpm
SS 101101315182025text
SS 102101315182025text
SS 103101315182025text
SS 104101315182025text
SS 105101315182025text
SS 106101315182025text
SS 107101315182025text
SS 108101315182025text
SS 109101315182025text
SS 110101315182025text
SS 111101315182025text
SS 112101315182025text
SS 113101315182025text
SS 114101315182025text
SS 115101315182025text
SS 116101315182025text
SS 117101315182025text
SS 118101315182025text
SS 119101315182025text
SS 120101315182025text
SS 121101315182025text
SS 122101315182025text
SS 123101315182025text

Intermediate Short Story Practice Files

Example: SS 201 (10) = 10wpm
SS 201101315182025text
SS 202101315182025text
SS 203101315182025text
SS 204101315182025text
SS 205101315182025text
SS 206101315182025text
SS 207101315182025text
SS 208101315182025text
SS 209101315182025text
SS 210101315182025text
SS 211101315182025text
SS 212101315182025text
SS 213101315182025text
SS 214101315182025text
SS 215101315182025text
SS 216101315182025text
SS 217101315182025text
SS 218101315182025text
SS 219101315182025text
SS 220101315182025text
SS 221101315182025text
SS 222101315182025text
SS 223101315182025text

Intermediate QSO Practice Files

Example: QSO 201 (10) = 10wpm
QSO 201101315182025text
QSO 202101315182025text
QSO 2031013
QSO 204101315182025text
QSO 205101315182025text
QSO 206101315182025text
QSO 207101315182025text
QSO 208101315182025text
QSO 209101315182025text
QSO 210101315182025text
QSO 211101315182025text
QSO 212101315182025text
QSO 213101315182025text
QSO 214101315182025text
QSO 215101315182025text
QSO 216101315182025text
QSO 217101315182025text
QSO 218101315182025text
QSO 219101315182025text
QSO 220101315182025text
QSO 221101315182025text
QSO 222101315182025text
QSO 223101315182025text

Intermediate CWT Practice Files

Example: CWT 201-20 = 20 wpm

CWT 201-20CWT 209-25
CWT 202-20CWT 210-25
CWT 203-20CWT 211-25
CWT 204-20CWT 212-25
CWT 205-20CWT 213-30
CWT 206-20CWT 214-30
CWT 207-20CWT 215-30
CWT 208-20CWT 216-30

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