Virtual Ham Expo Schedule

Welcome to QSO Today’s Virtual Ham Expo.  The CW Operators Club is pleased to be a part of it!  We have a lot going on.  Since we are a global organization, all times are in UTC:


0200 UTC – Expo Begins


1600 UTC – CWops Booth and CWops Lounge open through 0100 Sunday

0200 UTC – QSO Today Main LoungeCWops All Night Member Reception – We have reserved tables 21 to 40 in the main lounge for members to enjoy virtual face time all night long. Members should seek tables sporting the CWops logo and pull up a chair to meet other club members from around the globe.


1500 UTC – AuditoriumThe New Frontier of CW Operating – The early days of amateur radio began with Morse Code transmissions. The development included many technologies for public safety, military, and now into advanced SDR communications. Peter Butler, W1UU shows how today’s CW operators are contributing to scientific knowledge — and having fun at the same time.

1600 UTC – CWops Booth and CWops Lounge are open through 2100 UTC

1800 UTC – AuditoriumCW Academy, A Great Way to Learn CW – Eric Silverthorn, NM5M presents the various levels of CW Academy, the teaching methods of the program and offers advice on how students can achieve success in the program.

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