Fundamental Class Material

Fundamental Class - Add'l Documentation

Preliminary Reading - Instant Recognition - Nancy Kott - WZ8C (SK)PDF
Daily Morse Code Scales ver. 7PDF

Fundamental Class - Practice Files (Text)

State AbbreviationsTXT
2-Letter WordsTXT
1-2 Letter PhrasesTXT
1-3 Letter WordsTXT
1-3 Letter PhrasesTXT
1-4 Letter WordsTXT
1-4 Letter PhrasesTXT
1-5 Letter WordsTXT
1-5 Letter PhrasesTXT
1-6 Letter WordsTXT
1-6 Letter PhrasesTXT
1-7 Letter WordsTXT
1-8 Letter WordsTXT
1-9 Letter WordsTXT
Call SignsTXT

Fundamental Class - Short Story Practice Files

Example: SS 001 06 = 06wpm, etc.
SS 00106081012text
SS 00206081012text
SS 00306081012text
SS 00406081012text
SS 00506081012text
SS 00606081012text
SS 00706081012text
SS 00806081012text
SS 00906081012text
SS 01006081012text
SS 01106081012text
SS 01206081012text
SS 01306081012text
SS 01406081012text
SS 01506081012text
SS 01606081012text
SS 01706081012text
SS 01806081012text
SS 01906081012text
SS 02006081012text

Fundamental Class - QSO Practice Files

Example: QSO 001 06 = 06wpm, etc.
QSO 0010608
QSO 00206081012text
QSO 00306081012text
QSO 00406081012text
QSO 00506081012text
QSO 00606081012text
QSO 00706081012text
QSO 00806081012text
QSO 00906081012text
QSO 01006081012text
QSO 01106081012text
QSO 01206081012text
QSO 01306081012text
QSO 01406081012text

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