CW Academy Student Sign-up

Please Note: CW Academy training and mentoring for Beginners and those with Morse Code experience needing help are offered three times a year.

The upcoming semesters are:  Jan/Feb – Apr/May – Sep/Oct

Please fill out the form below completely and then click the “Submit Form” button.

CWA Student Sign-up

  • If you do not have a call sign, please enter your last name
  • Must be a valid email to take a Class
  • Enter the number of hours before or after UTC for the standard time (not daylight savings time) zone in which you want to take the class. For example, in the U.S., Eastern Standard Time is 5 hours behind UTC, so enter (minus) -5 if you want to take a U.S. Eastern time zone class. NOTE: STANDARD TIME NOT DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!!
    Please enter a number from -12 to 14.

    The CW audio segments below are intended to help you determine the class that best suits your CW learning needs. Each audio is incrementally more difficult than the one before.
    1. Begin with audio segment #1 and continue until you are unable to copy.
    2. Select the appropriate class from the drop-down menu below the playlist.
    Note: Your CW Academy Advisor may also perform an assessment to ensure that you are placed in the class that best fits your CW skill level.
  • Enter your age if you are younger than 20 years old and requesting a Beginner Class
    Please enter a number from 5 to 19.
  • Please select "Any Days" or one of the four choices for your preferred Class. If that choice is not available, we will assign you to one that is. However, you may decline this if you choose. If you need other days, you may be able to work that out with your Advisor

  • Note: If you have Special Requests or Other Issues, please contact one of the appropriate people listed in CWA Class Resolutions 30 days prior to the start of the Semester