CW Academy – Available Processes

The following processes have been set up. Clicking on the link will open a new page and execute the process.

(1) CW Academy Current Student and Advisor Assignments Version 2 – Show the current student/advisor assignments and unassigned students (CURRENT SEMESTER ONLY).

(2) CW Academy – Display Advisor Classes – Display any or all Classes an Advisor has signed up for, by Callsign, in the next Semester.

(3) CW Academy – List Advisor Classes – List individual or all Advisor classes assigned for any or all Past semesters.

(4) CW Academy – List Advisors with incomplete Student Evaluations – List Advisor that have not completed their Evaluations of their current Students.

(5) Display and Update Student Information – Look up and display a student’s information by call sign, student id, or surname. If the record exists it can then be updated.

(6) Display and Update Advisor Information – Lookup and modify information about an advisor in the advisor pod.

(7) CW Academy – List Student Responders – Prepare a report of all student who have either responded (Y or R) or who have NOT responded for the requested semester.

(8) List Duplicate Students – Lists any duplicate call signs in the Student Pod regardless of semester or time zone.

(9) List Duplicate Advisors – Lists any duplicate call signs in the Advisors Pod regardless of semester or time zone.

(10) CW Academy – Display all Students – Current active Students for the Semester with count at the end.

(11) List All Students – Lists all students in the student pod by semester and call sign. Displays a list of probable errors at the end of the list.

(12) CW Academy – Student Management – Pre-assign or remove a pre-assign to an Advisor – List Students needing intervention – Display Student and Advisor Pre-class Statistics.

(13) CW Academy – Display all Advisors – Current active Advisors (including verifieds) for the Semester with count at the end.

(14) List Student Status for a Semester – Displays a list of students “validated” for a selected semester – their status and assigned advisor.

(15) Push Advisor Class – Display one or more advisor classes with option to send an email to the advisor with the current class makeup or with students not confirmed.

(16) Display Class pod – Display results of Class Evaluations.

(17) Enter, Display and Update Ideas – To Do’s; Reminders; Suggestions; etc.

(18) Display Student Evaluations of Their Advisors V2 – For Beginner, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

(19) Display Status of Advisor Signups – Advisor Signup and Verification Status

(20) Gather and Display Student Statistics (available after the end of the semester)

(21) Legend and Things – Explanation of codes and some How To’s