CW Academy – Available Processes

The following processes have been set up. Clicking on the link will open a new page and execute the process.

(1) CW Academy Current Student and Advisor Assignments Version 3 – Show the current student/advisor assignments and unassigned students (CURRENT SEMESTER ONLY).

(2) CW Academy – Display Advisor Classes – Display any or all Classes an Advisor has signed up for, by Callsign, in the next Semester

(3) CW Academy – List Advisor Classes – List individual or all Advisor classes assigned for any or all Past semesters.

(4) CW Academy – List Advisors with incomplete Student Evaluations – List Advisor that have not completed their Evaluations of their current Students.

(5) Display and Update Student Information – Look up and display a student’s information by call sign, student id, or surname. If the record exists it can then be updated.

(6) Display and Update Advisor Information – Lookup and modify information about an advisor in the advisor pod.

(7) CW Academy – List Student Responders – Prepare a report of all student who have either responded (Y or R) or who have NOT responded for the requested semester.

(8) List Duplicate Students – No longer needed as duplicate student registrations are not allowed.

(9) List Duplicate Advisors – No longer needed as duplicate advisor registrations are not allowed.

(10) CW Academy – Display all Students – Current active Students for the Semester with count at the end.

(11) List All Students New and Improved! – Lists all students in the student pod by semester and call sign. Displays a list of probable errors at the end of the list.

(12) CW Academy – Student Management – Pre-assign or remove a pre-assign to an Advisor – List Students needing intervention – Display Student and Advisor Pre-class Statistics.

(13) CW Academy – Display all Advisors – Current active Advisors (including verifieds) for the Semester with count at the end.

(14) List Student Status for a Semester – Displays a list of students “validated” for a selected semester – their status and assigned advisor.

(15) XX Push Advisor Class – Display one or more advisor classes with option to send an email to the advisor with the current class makeup or with students not confirmed.

(16) No longer needed.

(17) Enter, Display and Update Ideas – To Do’s; Reminders; Suggestions; etc.

(18) Display Student Evaluations of Their Advisors V2 – For Beginner, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

(19) Display Status of Advisor Signups – Advisor Signup and Verification Status

(20) Gather and Display Student Statistics (available after the end of the semester)

(21) Legend and Things – Explanation of codes and some How To’s

(22) XX Advisor History – History of an advisor from all past semesters

XX: Function has not been updated and tested for the new advisor scheme.