Call for Nominations

Dear CWops member,

It’s election season again and the nominating committee is getting ready for the big event in November.

In 2020 we shall be electing a President and the Directors from Asia and South America. Mac, NN4K, has decided not to run for another term so that position is open. Nodir, EY8MM, has also decided to pass on running for re-election. We thank both for their time and dedication to making CWops such a great and vibrant club.

Stew, GW0ETF has indicated an interest for the post of President and Ken, JN1THL, has also expressed interest in the Asia directorship.

The slate so far is:

President :     Stew, GW0ETF
Directors:       Ken, JN1THL  –  Matt, CE2LR

Per our by-laws, during the Month of October nominations are solicited.  The nominating committee hereby solicits anyone interested in the post of President, or the Asia and South America 3 year directorships.

Please send an email to me at by October 31st if you are interested in nominating someone or yourself.

Update : 20 October  2020

It has been 11 days since we called for nominations for President and 2 Directors of our club, with the election process scheduled for next month. Over the course of some weeks we have repeatedly tried to get in touch with Matt, CE2LR, regarding his nomination to continue as a Director. There has been no response whatsoever, nor have emails to him in recent months concerning club business produced any response. Meanwhile, Juan, LU1AW, has expressed his interest in serving as our SA Director. Accordingly, we will be replacing CE2LR with LU1AW as a Director candidate at the end of the nominating period if no response has been received.

Don Greenbaum, N1DG
Chair nominating committee
CWops member #2

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