Advanced Practice Files

Advanced Short Story Practice Files

Example: SS 301 (10) = 10wpm
SS 30120
SS 30220253035text
SS 30320253035text
SS 30420253035text
SS 30520253035text
SS 30620253035text
SS 30720253035text
SS 30820253035text
SS 30920253035text
SS 31020253035text
SS 31120253035text
SS 31220253035text
SS 31320253035text
SS 31420253035text
SS 31520253035text
SS 31620253035text
SS 31720253035text
SS 31820253035text
SS 31920253035text
SS 32020253035text

Advanced QSO Practice Files

Example: QSO 301_20 = 20wpm
QSO 30120253035text
QSO 30220253035text
QSO 30320253035text
QSO 30420253035text
QSO 30520253035text
QSO 30620253035text
QSO 30720253035text
QSO 30820253035text
QSO 30920253035text
QSO 31020253035text
QSO 31120253035text
QSO 31220253035text
QSO 31320253035text
QSO 31420253035text
QSO 31520253035text
QSO 31620253035text
QSO 31720253035text
QSO 31820253035text
QSO 31920253035text
QSO 32020253035text
QSO 32120253035text

Advanced CWT Practice Files

Note: All at 30wpm cpm

Chapter 01Chapter 09
Chapter 02Chapter 10
Chapter 03Chapter 11
Chapter 04Chapter 12
Chapter 05Chapter 13
Chapter 06Chapter 14
Chapter 07Chapter 15
Chapter 08Chapter 16

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