Virtual Ham Expo

CWops will be attending the prestigious ‘QSO Today’ Ham Expo over the weekend of March 12-14th 2021 with its very own ‘virtual’ booth and lectures! Please support this opportunity to showcase our club by visiting and helping to man the booth and spread the word about CWops.

As this is a virtual event run across the internet it’s available to everyone at the click of a button and an advance registration fee of just $10. Our booth can be manned continuously from any time zone if we have the volunteers and will be a great way to illustrate the global nature of our membership. As well as interacting with the wider ham public and describing what we do it will be a chance to meet virtually and speak with fellow members. And then there are the talks by our very own W1UU and NM5M to look forward to.

Read on and watch out for further announcements and please consider helping out at the booth as we are looking forward to fielding plenty of questions from CW wannabes and potential members.

Stew Rolfe, GW0ETF
CWops President

Announcement for CWops participation:

QSO Today Ham Expo March 12-14, 2021

The following URL is the most recent announcement a virtual Ham Expo where CWops has a “Virtual Booth”. This is a worldwide event!

QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo (

All members should review this announcement for you possible participation. In Summary:

There will be two 1-hour presentations: NM5M on CWAcademy and W1UU on ‘The New Frontier of CW Operating”. These are scheduled in the program. Please note that the times are given in Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Additionally there is a CWops “Virtual Booth” available over the entire time period. The team of AC6ZM, N5OT, W5LA, and W1UU are producing the materials and assembling the technical requirements. The location of the virtual Ham Expo will be inside an Amazon S3 server system.

As a Virtual exhibitor, attendees can visit the CWops booth and if any questions, they can be directed to a breakout room, we call a “round table”. The technology allows up to 8 “round tables” consisting of 8 “chairs”. There will also be a larger conference room that may hold up to “100 attendees”. While everything would be based on a “Zoom concept”, the technology changes internally within the Amazon servers. You control from your computing device!

CWops believes strongly that the COVID issues require everyone to Stay Safe. It also means you can attend the exhibition without the expenses of travel, hotel, food expected in live venues! This is a situation where members can also socialize “after hours” no matter what time zone you are in. There is the possibility you can show yourself operating your station (time limited!). These details are being worked out by our team.

Once QSO Today goes on-line, we need to have members to serve as “booth duty”. Please volunteer brief periods of time!

Sorry, but we don’t have free tickets to hand out!

Your Board of Directors have supported our efforts to use the latest technology to continue showing our mission to promote “The Art Form of CW” and the CWA. Our revised Ambassador Program has been put in place so CWops can continue finding “Forums of Interest”.

W1UU, Peter
Ambassador Committee Chairman
CWops Vice President