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CWOps Mini-Clubs and Callsigns

The CW Operators Club (CWops) has formed 15 mini-clubs that correspond to the ARRL Divisions. Each mini-club has obtained a club license and a vanity callsign with a suffix of CWO or CWT for use in special events, contests, or other operating activities. These mini-clubs also provide a focal point for CWops members within each ARRL Division.

A mini-club vanity callsign is available for use by a U.S. amateur who (1) has a current, valid FCC license and (2) is a CWops member in good standing. Permission to use a club vanity callsign may be requested by visiting the U.S. Vanity Callsign Website at http://cwomc.org . The request form will be sent to the manager for the call for review and response.

Enigma – Reloaded 2018  : CWops first participation as an activating club has been a resounding success.

CWops member Dr. Tom Perera, W1TP, graciously allowed our operation to be paired with real Enigma machines at the Enigma Museum, as required by event rules.

Nineteen CWops members operated timeslots as K3CWO during the event which ran from September 28 through October 5, 2018. During that time, K3CWO completed 1498 QSOs with participating stations in 40 states and 61 countries, almost all on CW.

Thank you to the CWops members who worked  through often poor conditions and difficult schedules to make the event a resounding success for CWops! And a special thank you to Frank, W3LPL, whose idea led us to participate, and whose guidance and continual spots of K3CWO on dxsummit.fi were directly responsible for much of our success !

Thank you to those  who looked for and worked K3CWO, and to those who spotted us, posted our operation on the reflector and on FaceBook and other Websites!73, Bill WØTG


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