Student Registration Mockup

CW Academy Student Registration


The CW audio segments below are intended to help you determine the class that best suits your CW learning needs. Each audio is incrementally more difficult than the one before.

  1. Begin with audio segment #1 and continue until you are unable to copy.
  2. Select the appropriate in the registration form below.

Note: Your CW Academy Advisor may also perform an assessment to ensure that you are placed in the class that best fits your CW skill level.

Please fill out the form below to register for a CW Academy class. Students will be assigned to classes in first-come, first-serve order. However, whether or not you will be assigned to a class depends on the number of students who register and the number of advisors available.

* indicates a required field.

Call Sign*
If you do not have a call sign, enter the first eight characters of your last name
Last Name*
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First Name*
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Zip or Postal Code*
Select 'Yes' if 20 years of age or younger
If 20 years of age or younger, please enter your age
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2022 Apr/May
Class Level*
Select the class level you're interested in based on the self assessment.
Beginner (Limited or no prior experience with Morse Code)
Basic (Familiarity with Morse Code characters and desire to increase proficiency)
Intermediate (Operating 10+ wpm and desire to increase proficiency for contests, DX, and ragchews)
Advanced (Operating 15+ wpm and desire to increase proficiency for higher-speed on-air activity)
Time Zone*
Please select the time zone corresponding to the area of the world where you live.
-12 (Pacific Islands, Midway)
-11(Pacific Islands, Cook Islands)
-10(Hawaii Time)
-9(Alaska Time)
-8(Pacific Std Time)
-7(Mountain Std Time, Western Canada)
-6 (Central Std Time, Mid-Canada, Mexico)
-5 (Eastern Std Time, Western Caribbean, Columbia, Ecquador, Peru)
-4 (Atlantic Std Time, Bolivia, Western Brazil, Venezuela, Eastern Caribbean, Nova Scocia, Prince Edward Island)
-3 (Chile, Argentina, Eastern Brazil, Greenland)
-2 (Azores)
-1 (Iceland)
0 (England, Portugal, portions of Western Africa)
1 (Western Europe, middle Africa, Norway, Sweden)
2 (Middle Africa, Eastern Europe, Finland)
3 (Far eastern Africa, Arabia, Turkey, European Russia)
4 (Iran, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan)
5 (Middle Russia, Pakistan, India)
6 (Bangladesh, Kazahkstan)
7 (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Russian Steppes)
8 (Western Australia, China)
9 (Middle Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Western Russia)
10 (Eastern Australia, Guam, Asiatic Russia)
11 (Western Pacific Islands, Vanuatu, Far western Russia)
12 (New Zealand, Fiji)
13 (Pacific Islands, Cook Island)
14 (Eastern Pacific Islands)

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