Dear CWops member:

It’s election season again and the nominating committee is getting ready for the big event in November.

In 2019 we shall be electing a Vice President, and a Director .   Peter, W1UU and Stew GW0ETF are the incumbents, Riki K7NJ has already indicated he would like to run for director as well.

The slate so far is:

Vice President :                 Peter Butler, W1UU
Director (Choose 1):      Stew Rolfe, GW0ETF   –   Riki Kline, K7NJ

Per our by-laws, during the Month of October nominations are solicited.   The nominating committee hereby solicits anyone interested in the post of Vice President, or 3 year directorship.

Please send an email to me at dongreenbaum@gmail.com by October 31st if you are interested in nominating someone or yourself.

Don Greenbaum, N1DG
Chair nominating committee
CWops member #2