CWA – NEW Advisor Registration

Initialization Array:
    [validUser] => N
    [userRole] => other
    [userName] => 
    [currentTimestamp] => 1643231533
    [currentDate] => 2022-01-26
    [prevSemester] => 2021 Sep/Oct
    [currentSemester] => 2022 Jan/Feb
    [nextSemester] => 2022 May/Jun
    [semesterTwo] => 2022 Sep/Oct
    [semesterThree] => 2023 Jan/Feb
    [semesterFour] => 2023 May/Jun
    [proximateSemester] => 2022 Jan/Feb
    [pastSemesters] => 2020 Jan/Feb|2020 APR/MAY|2020 SEP/OCT|2021 Jan/Feb|2021 Apr/May|2021 Sep/Oct
    [validEmailPeriod] => N
    [validReplacementPeriod] => N
    [daysToSemester] => 94
    [defaultClassSize] => 6

Function V5 starting.

CW Academy Advisor Sign-up V5

All CW Academy Advisors are required to sign up for each semester they desire to teach. Classes are offered three times a year, in two month increments called semesters:

January-February,     May-June,     September-October

Each semester is eight weeks long consisting of two one-hour online sessions per week.

To begin or continue the registration process, enter your call sign, your email address, your phone number and click 'Next'. The email address and phone number are used to validate your credentials.

Note that sign-ups for multiple semesters is not allowed. Further, if an advisor is currently signed up, the advisor will not be able to sign up for a future semester until the student evaluations are completed.

Call Sign:
Advisor Call Sign
Advisor Email Address
Advisor Phone Number:

Note: If you have previously registered and wish to make changes to your information, the email address and the phone number must match the information in your sign-up record. If you don't remember or didn't enter a phone number in the sign-up record, contact the appropriate person at CWA Class Resolution.

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