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Student Sign-up Demonstration

When a student signs up, in addition to the information about the student, the student selects the desired level, semester, the time zone in which the student lives, and up to three class schedules for the desired level.

The class schedules are forecast based on the classes that advisors have offered during the previous two semesters. Since a class schedule that was offered previously may not be offered in the next semester, the student can select two other class schedules. Then, the program to assign students to available advisor classes attempts to meet the student's first choice. If that class isn't available (either it isn't being offered or the class is full), the program uses the second choice, or if necessary the third choice, before putting the student in the 'unassigned pool'.

Do a Demonstration Student Sign-up

To enter a fictitious student registration and see how the student sign-up process works, click 'Submit'. The student sign-up form will open and you can then sign-up your fictitious student. All information entered is stored in the demonstration database and has no connection to the production database.

Advisor Sign-up Demonstration

The updated advisor sign-up program attempts to pre-populate the advisor's information from past classes the advisor has taught. After filling out that information or correcting the pre-populated information, the advisor specifies the time zone where the advisor lives, or will be living, when the semester starts. The advisor is then asked to sign up for up to four classes. At least one class is required. For each class the advisor specifies the class level, the number of students the advisor wants in the class, the days the class will be taught, and the time block where the class will start, in the advisor's local time.

The program to assign students to an available advisor classes uses the advisor's time zone and the student's time zone to calculate the available classes and then attempts to assign the student to an available class.

This new process for assigning students means that advisors may be assigned students from anywhere in the world where the student's class schedule choices match an advisor's class schedule offering.

Do a Demonstration Advisor Sign-up

Make changes to your sign-up information, add or delete classes. The advisor sign-up form will open for you to enter your sign-up information. All information entered is stored in the demonstration database and has no connection to the production database.
Click 'Submit' to see how the sign-up progam works.

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