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CWT Logging Programs - Call History Files
Approved For CWO*
CHF = Call History File
Last Update by K6MM: 07-Jully-2014 (Source: Joe, KC0VKN)

Chuck NO5W (#311) recently added support for the CWOps CWT contest to his logging software (CQ/X). While the main focus of CQ/X is as a GPS-enabled logging tool for mobile contesting in state QSO parties, it also supports a number of fixed contests including CWT. It is freeware. NOTE: New Instructions.
Last Update: 08-August-2010
NOTE: CQ/X can import the N1MM, WriteLog, or Win-Test files
(raw file)
Last Update by K6MM: 07-Jully-2014 (Source: Joe, KC0VKN)
(sorted file - requires manual edit to remove confusion caused by people having multiple calls with the same number)
Last Update by K6MM: 07-Jully-2014 (Source: Joe, KC0VKN)
DXLab's Spot Collector
Modified CWOps members' list on the website so that it is properly formatted for DXLab's Spot Collector. When a member is spotted on the cluster, a readout is generated in the "notes" column of the Spot Collector's display showing the "CWO-###" where "###" is the member's number.
Last Update by K6MM: 07-Jully-2014 (Source: Joe, KC0VKN)
Last Update: 13-August-2015 (Source: Dave, W3KM)
Logger 32
Last Update: 16-July-2014 (Source: Chris, G4BUE)
Last Update by K6MM: 25-August-2015
Last Update by K6MM: 03-August-2015
SD now costs 20 €. Can be used for CW Open and
CWT Contests. Last Update 25-August 2015.
(Source: Paul, EI5DI)
SkookumLogger (Mac Only)
by Bill Myers, K1GQ; ver 1.1.7 or later
Call History File:
Use N1MM CH File.
See "SL Info"
Copy file into TR4W/CWOPS folder. Use CTRL-J to change INITIAL EXCHANGE to NAME QTH
Last Update: 01-August-2015 (N4AF, OK1RR)

Last Update by K6MM: 25-August--2015


WL Program Module For CWops provided by Rob, K6RB
Last Update by K6MM: 25-August-2015

by DJ1YFK; a Linux/Unix logger

*Note: These Loggers Have Been Tested And Approved For the CW Open Contest

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