QTX Scores

The purpose of the QTX Activity Awards program is to encourage ragchewing by CWops members, and to recognize those members who have demonstrated achievement in engaging in multiple ragchews over the course of a month and the calendar year.

Points are based upon the total number of ragchew QSOs. An eligible ragchew is a single QSO that is 20 minutes or longer in duration. Repeat ragchews with the same station on the same band are permitted.
We have two ways to recognize member's efforts.

QTX Plaque

First is the annual competition run each year to see who had the most QTX points.  Members submit their monthly count by the 5th of the next month.  

To submit points, go to the QTX page in the Members Only section HERE.

QTX Achievement Medals

This year we are awarding metals for the following achievement levels:

Gold Metal - 400 QTX points
Silver Metal - 300 QTX points
Bronze Metal - 200 QTX points

Unlike the QTX Plaque, you don't have to send in totals monthly. Members can submit totals any time during the year

Please note: QTX scores are listed in the Solid Copy newsletter each month.  Scores are always two months back, for example, the August issue would list scores for June, and so on.

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