NEW   The CWops Award For Advancing The Art Of CW

The purpose of this award is to recognize individuals, groups, and organizations that have made the greatest contribution(s) toward advancing the art or practice of radio communications by Morse code.

Criteria - Candidates for the award may be one or more of the following:

• Authors of publications related to CW
• CW recruiters, trainers, mentors, coaches and instructors
• Public advocates of CW
• Organizers of CW activities
• Designers and inventors who advance the art or practice of CW
• Other contributors to the art or practice of CW
Note: The award is not limited to amateur radio operators and organizations.

Nominations may be made by anybody (not limited to CWops members). Nominations should be emailed to with a copy to . In order to be considered, a nomination must be received by the publicized deadline and include:

• Nominee's name, call sign (if applicable), and complete contact information including postal address, email address, and telephone number.
• A detailed explanation supporting the nominee's qualifications under the criteria set forth herein.
• Complete contact information of the person submitting the nomination.

The Awards Committee ('Committee') is appointed by the CWops Board of Directors ('Board'). The members of the Committee choose their chairperson ('Chair') by informal vote.

Once a year, the Committee will submit an announcement requesting nominations for the award to major amateur radio publications, bulletins and email groups. The announcement will include a brief description of the award's purpose and criteria for grant, an internet address (URL) for obtaining further information, and the deadline for submitting nominations.

The Committee's Chair will forward copies of all nominations to the members of the Committee. Shortly after the nomination deadline, the Chair will convene the Committee to discuss the nominations. Generally, one award will be given annually; however, the committee may recommend that (for a specific year), either no award or more than one award be issued.

The Chair will submit the Committee's recommendations to the Board accompanied by copies of all nominations and relevant correspondence. The committee may also recommend the form of possible awards. The Board will decide whether to approve the Committee's recommendation(s) or to return the recommendation(s) to the committee for further consideration.

Committee members and Board members are excluded from participating in meetings at which their candidacy, or the candidacy of any organizations in which they hold an official position, is being discussed.

CWops Operating Awards

There are several operating awards available for contacting a certain number of different club members. Qualifying CW contacts can be made on any ham band at any time and must be between current members. Contacts during any contest will qualify as well as any QSOs made in non-contest time periods. These awards will be available on our web site and are individually administered using the honor system. Members cumulative scores will be listed in Solid Copy.

  • Free programs are now available for download to make tracking for these awards easy.
  • You can print out your own award in PDF format, suitable for framing.
  • For more information see "Awards" in the Members Only section Here
CWops ACA – This award is the Annual Competition Award.  Only one contact per member per calendar year can be counted for this award.  Contacts can be made on any amateur band. The award will be offered at five levels in 2010: ACA-100, ACA-250, ACA-400, ACA-600, and ACA-750.

CWops CMA – This award is the Cumulative Membership Award.  This award recognizes the total of the number of members contacted on each amateur band, beginning January 3, 2010 and continuing in perpetuity.  Initially, we will recognize accomplishments at these levels: CMA-250, CMA-500, CMA-750, CMA-1000, CMA-1250, and CMA-1500.

New CWops WAS AWARD – This is the club Worked All States award for working the U.S. states. Every contact must be made with an active member of the club.  Feel free to use all amateur bands. This is a once in a lifetime award; however, you can also add single band endorsements to your CWops WAS Award.

CWops WORKED ALL EUROPE AWARD (TBD) – This is the club award for contacts with the European countries.  Each contact must be with an active club member.  One contact per country is counted for this award, and every ham country in Europe counts.  This award is available for ALL BANDS, or for any single band.  There will be 2 levels of accomplishments recognized: QSOS with 40 European Countries and with ALL European countries (presently the WAE List is 72 countries).  We will publish an annual standing of stations with their number of European Countries worked on our web site.  Members will be directed when and where to submit information.

CWops DX AWARD (TBD) – This award is for working CWops members in all of the DXCC countries. One contact per country is counted for this award. The award will be awarded for ALL BANDS, or for any single band. This award will be available at levels of 50 and 100 countries worked, with endorsements at 25 increments thereafter. We will publish an annual standing of stations with their number of DXCC Countries worked on our web site. Members will be directed when and where to submit information.

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